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The objective of a CEM strategy is to integrate customer centricity as a part of a business' DNA.


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Raise the service awareness, commitment, competence and operational practices of all frontline employees.


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Our Customer Experience Management professionals provide a rich suite of CEM consulting services that align your culture, products and operations.

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22 Nov

The 12 Critical Steps to Building Customers for Life A CEMDA Playbook

Omega has created the Customer Experience Management CEMDNA Playbook StrategySM, which outlines the key principles and processes associated with developing and implementing a successful customer experience plan. Start your journey by taking a candid, in-depth look at ...
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6 Nov

Six Fundamental Strategies for Successful Account Management

Account Management is an essential investment for developing long-term, profitable account relationships, increasing engagement value and differentiating from competitors. A network of people or decision-making unit influences most purchasing decisions. Thus, a congru ...
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