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Certified CEM Professional (CEMPRO℠) Training
The Customer Relationship Management Institute (CRMI), a strategic partner of Omega Management Group Corp., provides a wide range of employee engagement services, educational workshops, and employee reward programs designed to help organizations create a workplace where employees are motivated and skilled, customers are valued and relationships are maximized. CRMI's employee loyalty services include employee training and incentive programs.
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A first-of-its-kind training program, Customer Experience Management Professional (CEMPROSM) certification demonstrates mastery of best practices and uniform standards of excellence that apply to implementing and managing customer satisfaction/loyalty and employee engagement. CEMPRO certification is specialized to meet the needs of two distinct groups: Corporate/Consultant Advocates and Customer-Facing Representatives. Corporate advocates are individuals responsible for implementing customer satisfaction programs as well as independent consultants who specialize in customer experience strategies. The second group, Customer-Facing Representatives, may comprise customer service, technical telephone support, professional services, field service and help desk representatives. They receive specialized soft-skills training in building exceptional customer relationships. Our specialized customer experience training, which is built on our customer experience strategies, is merely a part of the overall customer experience consulting services Omega offers its clients.

Omega's training and certification programs are designed to import knowledge and advance training in customer experience management techniques and proper implementation of customer experience strategies.

Customer Experience Management Professional (CEMPRO) Advocate Training

The Customer Experience Management Professional (CEMPRO) curriculum for Advocates (corporate executives/independent consultants) is based on Omega's proprietary 12-step CEMDNA Playbook Strategy. After successfully completing the CEMPRO-Advocate training, individuals will understand the key components of a world class customer experience management and customer experience strategies program.

The second component of the CEMPRO-Advocate certification program is the successful completion of customer relationship soft-skills training under CRMI's CEMPRO Customer-Facing Group curriculum. After completing this training, individuals will understand how to build exceptional customer relationships, deal with difficult customers, conduct effective problem solving and improve time management while driving improved customer satisfaction, in addition to development of overall customer experience strategies.

The CEMPRO-Advocate training consists of two (2) components as follows:

Customer Experience Management Professional (CEMPRO-Advocate) certification requires an eighty percent (80%) or higher score on the Advocate web exam and an eighty percent (80%) or higher score on the Customer-Facing Group web exam with each being completed within 90 minutes. Individuals will then receive an electronic certification upon successfully completing both CEMPRO certification components. CEMPRO-Advocate certification allows the use of the CEMPRO logo on business cards, resumes, biographies and all other communications.

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Customer Experience Management Professional (CEMPRO) Customer-Facing Group (CFG) Training

The Customer-Facing Group curriculum consists of four web-based modules: building exceptional customer relationships, dealing with difficult customers, problem solving skills, time management and customer experience strategy techniques. Companies who wish to participate in Customer Experience Management Professional (CEMPRO-CFG) training must enroll all of their customer-facing representatives within each applicable group. Certification is conferred only if 90% of the participants successfully score 80% or better on the exam. Organizations that meet these criteria are licensed for a three-year period to use the CEMPRO logo and tagline in all electronic and print media, such as websites, business cards and service contracts.

CEMPRO Certification Audit Program

Already have a customer relationship skills training program in place? Under the CEMPRO Certification Audit Program, service organizations can still receive CEMPRO certification. We will review your curriculum, course content and exam that comprise your existing frontline training program and compare these against the corresponding CEMPRO components. To receive CEMPRO certification, all individuals within each frontline group must participate in the training and must meet our standard requirements for achieving certification.

CEMPRO Customized Certification Program

Under this program, we will work with you to customize our curriculum to meet your exact needs while still fulfilling the same requirements for CEMPRO certification. We will help you develop interactive training and customer experience strategies based on real-life learning situations that meets the specific needs of your customer-facing employees.

Call us or submit a request if you're interested in receiving an audit or working with us to customize our training curriculum to meet your exact needs.

Marketing Rights & Report Card

In addition to receiving marketing rights to use the official Customer Experience Management Professional (CEMPRO) logo, we will provide your company with an Annual Report Card that verifies that the curriculum implemented, as well as the exam process and scores, have all met our stringent CEMPRO certification criteria. The Report Card may also contain your audited customer satisfaction and loyalty survey results for the calendar year in which CEMPRO certification was achieved.


The CEMPRO Award was established in 2012 to recognize companies who have met all the requirements to be CEMPRO-certified organizations for the previous calendar year. CEMPRO certification demonstrates mastery of best practices and uniform standards of excellence that apply to implementing and managing customer satisfaction/loyalty and employee engagement and customer experience strategies. In order for an organization to receive the CEMPRO Award, at least 90 percent of the company's customer-facing field service employees who have completed our customer experience management professional training must successfully pass the certification exam. The certification exam is made up of 50 multiple choice questions to be answered within 90 minutes and requires a score of 80 percent or higher.

Through our company store program with Lands' End Business Outfitters, recipients of the CEMPRO Award can order apparel and other branded products sporting the official CEMPRO Award logo along with their company logo.
*Note that recipients need pre-approval from Omega before placing orders.

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