Managing the Customer Experience by Measuring the Impact Payoff

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There is overwhelming evidence that providing a consistently superior customer experience results in greater customer satisfaction and loyalty. But as with automobile mileage, “your results may vary.” So how can an organization truly measure the ROI – or impact payoff – resulting from its commitment to customer experience management (CEM)?

Getting a firm grip on this question can justify budget requirements for CRM investments and staff resources necessary to develop, maintain or even expand a customer-centric philosophy.

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Unlock Customer Usage Data to Drive Customer Success

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Know your customers and respond appropriately to them. This is key to business success. But how can you know your online customers? Customers browse your website, use your online service, and buy from your e-commerce store without ever talking to you. And how can you respond appropriately to them with the right message at the right time?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could gain powerful, real-time usage data insights to better understand your customers?

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Transforming the Customer Experience with Actionable Insight

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Customer support involves complexity – customer relationships, products and services, agreements, and support levels. But, when information needed to serve customers is hard to reach, support becomes harder than it needs to be and service levels and customer satisfaction suffer.

For service agents (or your self-service website) to provide contextually relevant responses to customers requires sifting through and making sense of volumes of customer data – an increasingly time-consuming and nearly impossible task. Crucial customer and product information that can help service agents and managers is scattered across systems and teams, forming an overwhelming social and enterprise content clutter that is impossible to integrate.

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CEMDNA Playbook Strategy: Account Management

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Leveraging Support Technologies to Fuel Customer Engagement

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In today’s competitive environment, organizations must focus on customer satisfaction to differentiate themselves and reduce customer churn. But becoming a best-in-class customer care organization is no easy task. Companies must consider and span the full spectrum of support their clients demand, all while reducing costs. So how do you know where to begin?

Join Aren Barge, VP of Technical Operations at PC software and security software vendor iS3, as he shares insights from the front lines of his company’s customer support organization about leveraging support technology to optimize their customer care practices.

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Emotionally Connecting with Customers in Today’s Mobile World

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Learn how to penetrate the heart of the mobile customer.

We all know that mobile communications has radically changed the landscape of our culture and commerce. But less understood is that the heavy use of smart phones and tablets for conducting business also introduces a new dynamic to managing the customer experience.

This webcast is intended to help customer care professionals understand the powerful people behind the multi-channel mobile revolution. Webcast attendees will learn how to capture and maintain brand loyalty among mobile device users by:

  • Building a new mindset: using technology to penetrate the heart of the customer.
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Turning Contact Centers Into Gold

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Contact centers are the central nervous system for many organizations. How well contact center agents interact with customers, prospects, partners and suppliers is critical to creating a consistently superior customer experience.

This informative, hands-on webcast will cover proven ways of ushering in a new era of customer relationships driven by effective contact center operations:

* New best practices in optimizing contact center services to best serve today’s empowered customers

* Adding social media and other communications channels to phone, email and online chat interactions

* Maintaining a sharp focus on the pulse of the customer experience in the face of multiple communications touch points

* Leveraging customer input and interaction to enrich your CRM knowledge base and CEM strategy

* Ways to harness the Voice of the Customer (VoC) to improve customer loyalty and build better products, services and processes

This month’s webcast is co-sponsored by EPIC Connections who provide a no-cost service assisting clients with their customer contact initiatives by applying a consultative approach to outsourcing.

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Big Data Competitive Analytics That Drive Loyalty

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The latest buzz-word in business is Big Data. This term refers to the idea that companies can extract value from collecting, processing and analyzing vast quantities of data. Businesses that can get a better handle on this data will be more likely to outperform those companies who cannot.

This informative, hands-on webcast delves into the Big Data discussion using a customer-centric approach. Panelists cover the data-driven practices, skills, tools and techniques for continually analyzing business performance and exploring new ways of gaining a competitive advantage.

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Building Customers for Life Webcast

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Learn how to develop and implement a successful CEM Strategy from industry experts and CEM professionals.

This webcast highlights how companies like EMC Corporation, Cisco Systems and Pitney Bowes are implementing Customer Experience Management (CEM) strategies to drive revenue and profits by consistently exceeding customer expectations for service quality. They know that making CEM Strategy part of their corporate DNA is key to building long-term, profitable customer relationships while branding their organization as being customer centric.

This webcast is co-sponsored by Coveo, whose enterprise search platform transforms companies’ ability to gain insight from diverse and overwhelming amounts of unstructured and structured data—including customer analytics and related reporting—whether it exists behind the firewall, in the cloud or in social media.

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