Companies struggle to provide good customer experiences through mobile channels

Mobile devices play a growing role in customer experiences.

Smartphones and tablets play a growing role in the interactions between customers and businesses. Business buyers often use mobile technology to research products, compare prices and check reviews before making a purchase. In response, companies are adjusting their marketing strategies to cultivate a more personalized customer experience through the mobile channel. However, there remain a number of challenges for organizations to overcome when it comes to mobile services.

Customers turn to mobile devices for the convenience. They can access websites or check messages from anywhere to get information or place orders. Businesses wanting to improve mobile aspects of their customer retention programs should focus on providing convenience. For most mobile users, convenience includes being able to easily view the information they want. An article by Business 2 Community highlighted several problems companies face when dealing with mobile marketing strategies, including not having sites optimized for smartphones and tablets.

Common problems with mobile services
Smaller screens and other factors associated with mobile devices can alter the layout of websites, making them hard to view if they are not optimized for smartphones. Coding and designs should be tested to ensure they work on mobile devices and eliminate any difficulty reading or accessing specific information. Businesses that fail to take the time to adjust their pages could see a drop in online purchases and revenue. Customers might avoid a company's mobile platform after just a single bad experience.

Other common problems included slow load times, complicated search features and failing to connect mobile with other channels. In the B2B sector, potential buyers may need to present information to their managers before a company can proceed with a purchasing plan. Giving visitors the ability to access accounts through multiple channels can help them gather the data needed to make decisions.

Simplifying customer experiences is the key to improving customer satisfaction and sales. A separate article by Business 2 Community noted that the easier it is for patrons to get service, the more money they will spend with an organization. Companies should continually review their mobile service strategies to ensure that their processes are intuitive and easy to navigate.

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