Employee engagement enhances customer experiences

Empowering employees to make positive changes could enhance customer experiences.

Customer service is essential to improving sales and retaining clients. Positive experiences dealing with sales staff or customer service agents help brands engage their audiences, which can have a favorable impact on customers' impressions of companies.

Businesses often struggle to consistently provide meaningful customer experiences because their own staff members lack engagement. The Harvard Business Review stated that employee engagement boosts performance in a number of key areas. Everything from productivity to product quality to worker safety is improved when organizations focus on addressing the needs of their staff. Citing a survey by Gallup, the source noted that firms with high levels of employee engagement are 22 percent more productive than those with poor engagement levels.

"Engaged employees are more attentive and vigilant," Jim Harter, a chief scientist at Gallup Research, explained. "They look out for the needs of their co-workers and the overall enterprise, because they personally 'own' the result of their work and that of the organization."

This often also leads to an increase in customer satisfaction. Engaged employees are more willing to go the extra mile to resolve a problem or close a sale, contributing to a culture that consistently delivers a high level of service. Firms trying to improve their customer retention programs should focus internally to see results.

Steps for engaging employees
Successfully engaging workers can be a challenge for most organizations. Research by Gallup suggests that 18 percent of employees are unsatisfied with their jobs. Fortunately, 1to1 Media reports that there are steps companies can take to engage their workers.

One of the most important parts of developing a supportive, engaging culture is creating channels to collect feedback from workers. When staff members feel they have a say in how their organizations are run, they are more likely to take an active management role and become personally involved in their own development. This empowers workers to improve their surrounding environment in a way that makes them more productive and happier in their jobs. Leadership should always be prepared to react appropriately to feedback. Fulfilling all suggestions may not be possible, but employees need to know their thoughts are appreciated. Many firms make efforts to capture the opinions of clients, as they know this will lead to better customer experiences. The same principle applies to engaging workers.

Boosting customer loyalty requires employee engagement programs that empower employees to resolve problems effectively and provide consistently superior customer service. Omega Management Group's certified CEMPROSM program provides employees with the knowledge and tools needed to establish successful customer service strategies.