Refresh customer experiences by adding new features

Routinely adding new features and service channels improves customer experiences.

Facebook generates a lot of web activity, with 699 million people logging onto the website every day. Its popularity has made it the default social network for businesses and organizations looking to connect with consumers. Now, Facebook has implemented yet another feature designed to improve customer experiences and change how people interact online.

Wired reported that the social networking giant has enabled embedded posts. This feature allows users to quickly post Facebook content on other websites. The source noted that this will create greater flexibility when it comes to sharing blogs, videos, news articles and other online content. The concept is not new – other social media programs, such as Twitter, Vine and Instagram, already allow similar-style posts, but  the development does show that Facebook is becoming more responsive to how consumers want to use its services.

Creating new features and services is essential to improving sales and retaining existing customers. Facebook generates its revenue through advertising, and expanding how people can use the site helps increase traffic. Businesses in other fields also gain from providing new services. Within the B2B sector, customers are more likely to make another purchase if they are able to upgrade products or gain additional benefits. Companies need to offer something new to avoid seeing a drop in interest and sales.

Being responsive to customers helps boost sales
However, new features should be something that clients need or want. The Houston Business Journal noted that responsiveness is a key factor in creating positive customer experiences. This refers not only to how quickly and professionally staff members handle calls or process orders, but how well organizations adjust their offerings to meet customer needs.

Collecting feedback and listening to clients can provide insight into audience expectations. Adding features or services that fulfill a void within the market will help businesses increase traffic. Facebook's embedded post option will make it easier for users to share content, which is an essential part of keeping people interested online. By focusing on convenience, Facebook is able to spread its influence and remain the top social network. Continual improvement is the best way to maintain brand loyalty by creating fresh and exciting upgrades for existing customers.

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