Videos need to be supported to generate customer support results

Technology has opened a number of new channels for companies to connect with their audiences. Social media and mobile tools allow businesses to provide engaging materials directly to individuals. Successfully driving activity through these channels depends on having content that potential customers want. For a growing number of organizations, that content is presented in professional videos.

According to B2B Online, the number of YouTube-style films made by top brands has jumped by 73 percent annually since 2009. These marketing tools are an effective way to offer explanations, give demonstrations and build a following. However, the source noted that many organizations fail to support their videos properly.

Video should be incorporated into part of a customer experience management (CEM) strategy that spans multiple channels. These tactics begin with understanding what the target audience needs. For instance, many consumers are looking for additional convenience and flexibility. Creating new services can address these issues directly, and video is an effective tool for supporting their use. Patrons may have questions or concerns about how various platforms work, and a short product demonstration can provide an overview of the service to increase participation, but only if customers know about the video.

B2B Online noted that companies need to actively promote their videos to draw their audience to new channels. Linking to videos via social media or on company websites is a simple way to boost views. Incorporating multiple channels allows all customers to understand the new services, which can increase the return on investment. Offering customers accurate support with an engaging multichannel campaign  helps create a large and loyal following that can guide future activity.

CEM strategies can directly improve companies' bottom lines by increasing customer acquisition, retention, growth and win-back. Customer experience management companies, such as Omega Management Group Corp., provide the insight and experience needed to generate results.