Customers see benefits in targeted ads

Customers want targeted advertising to help them find relevant offers.

New digital sales channels are providing companies with innovative ways to reach their audience. Mobile devices, social media and web content allow firms to enhance customer experiences by delivering relevant information directly to the consumer. A new poll by Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) found that most people appreciate having their online experiences personalized to them.

Seventy percent of respondents stated they liked ads tailored to their interests, which shows companies the importance of understanding the target audience. Just 16 percent of those surveyed said they preferred generic ads. Data analysis is helping businesses refine their approaches to internet marketing and will enable firms to attract better quality leads that will boost their returns on investment.

"What the poll makes clear is that consumers prefer ads that reflect their particular interests, which is precisely what interest-based advertising was created to provide," said Lou Mastria, managing director of the DAA.

Mobile advertising expanding rapidly
Companies are quickly shifting their marketing budgets to online sales channels, as these offer an effective way to engage customers in B2B as well as B2C markets. IAB's Internet Advertising Revenue Report found that U.S. digital advertising increased by 15 percent in 2012 to reach $31.6 billion in spending. Mobile ads are becoming one of the fastest growing segments of digital advertising because of their ability to deliver personalized content to the user. Businesses spent $3.4 billion on mobile ads last year, a 111 percent jump from 2011 levels, according to IAB's report. 

Mobile platforms are helping businesses capture the personal data needed to customize marketing campaigns. The interactions with firms, including past purchases and social media activity, are collected to build accurate profiles of every user. This information makes it possible to improve customer experiences by offering customized discounts and promotional offers.

Advertising is just a small part of how businesses are able to generate new leads online. Companies are incorporating news content, blogs and discounts for followers on social media networks. These tools enhance customer experiences, build brand loyalty and generate repeat sales. The DAA survey found that most Americans see value with the free content, as 75 percent of those polled said that they want the content supported by advertising rather than a paid subscription. The more targeted the ads are, the better that companies will be able to capture new leads and boost sales revenue.

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