Employee engagement is lowest among front-line workers

High levels of employee engagement lead to better customer service.

Engaged employees work hard to provide memorable experiences for customers, which can have a significant influence on customer retention programs. Unfortunately, a new report by Gallup shows that employee engagement among customer service agents was the lowest of any surveyed occupation - and it continues to drop.

Workers who are on the front line have the most influence on the customer's experience. Their attitude and commitment can mean the difference between successful sales and lost opportunities. This makes it important for companies in every industry to implement employee engagement practices as a way to improve customer satisfaction.

The poll showed that the majority of American workers were disengaged at work. Seventy percent of respondents said they were "not engaged" or "actively disengaged." It is estimated that disengaged staff members cost the national economy between $450 billion and $550 billion in lost productivity.

Engaging employees effectively
To fully engage their workforces, organizations need to understand what motivates their employees. The survey revealed that women tend to have higher levels of engagement than men, while those at the beginning and end of their careers were often more engaged than those in the middle. This is likely because those halfway through their careers feel lost within their organizational structures and don't feel the connections with co-workers and supervisors that are needed to be fully engaged.

Previous studies have shown that workers at small companies are more likely to be engaged than those at large corporations. The smaller the firm, the more likely that managers develop personal relationship with team members. When managers are able to take some time to acknowledge the dedication of employees in a personal way, it can contribute to higher levels of engagement throughout an organization.

Engaged workers are more energized in their work, which can be important to improving customer satisfaction. Companies that invest in employee engagement programs can build a reputation for outstanding service and see a rise in repeat sales. This is especially true in the B2B sector, where it can take several months to convert leads into loyal customers.

Boosting customer loyalty requires employee engagement programs that empower employees to resolve problems effectively and provide consistently superior customer service. Omega Management Group's certified CEMPROSM program provides employees with the knowledge and tools needed to establish successful customer service strategies.