Using employee engagement to improve customer service

Employee engagement allows businesses to build a powerful brand and boost customer satisfaction.

Employees are the most valuable resource companies have, but many organizations fail to properly leverage them to improve market position.

Properly trained and motivated workers are able to generate new revenue sources, cultivate innovation and deliver outstanding customer service, but a recent Forbes article notes that it is company culture that often has the greatest effect on the success of an organization. The source states that employee engagement enables firms to build strong, consistent brands that attract new business and reward customer loyalty. Engaged workers are more productive and provide better service than the average employee.

The right corporate environment can create a workforce that understands the value of the brand and is motivated to see the company succeed. This is especially important when it comes to providing excellent customer experiences. Every employee should be empowered to engage customers and improve their experience, and this depends on understanding the importance of maintaining a strong brand. As new technology is being introduced, the engagement of employees is becoming much more critical.

The Guardian reports that social media is quickly outgrowing the abilities of sales and marketing teams, which requires companies to empower all employees to be advocates for their brands. The source recommends creating advocates among customers as well as employees. These promoters help to bring in new leads by endorsing firms to their networks. A strong culture can guide the decisions and interactions of these advocates to create a consistent brand presence online.

Customer experience management requires commitment from every level of an organization. Engaging employees through incentive-based initiatives generates a customer-first environment that can lead to higher productivity and happier customers. To learn more about boosting customer satisfaction, attend Omega Management Group's SCORE Conference on May 29 to 31 at the Seaport Hotel in Boston.