Going beyond sales to boost customer satisfaction

Going beyond sales to boost customer satisfaction

Improving customer satisfaction is about more than providing friendly customer service agents. There is a large number of factors that go into the customer’s overall experience, and these can make the difference between whether a sale is completed or not.

A recent Intuit Small Business Blog post notes that store layout can influence how long consumers stay in a retail location. Bright lighting, wide aisles and clearly marked promotions can entice customers and encourage them to browse until they find something they want. The same principles of design and traffic flow can be used to boost online sales by creating more effective web pages.

Companies in the B2B sector may see strong improvements in customer retention and brand loyalty if they follow retail examples and explore how various aspects of the purchasing experience influence spending. Website design is one of the first areas that many firms should examine. The spread of smartphones and other mobile devices means it is easier than ever for potential customers to research companies. Highlighting features and advantages of products or services on websites can encourage these leads to contact businesses to find out more.

Listening to your customers
Other aspects may also need to be addressed to enhance the customer’s experience. Online transactions have spurred an increased focus on deliveries, making logistics a valuable part of customer experience management (CEM) strategies. The handling, packaging and transportation of products can significantly influence the conditions of these items when they finally arrive at their destinations. Manufacturers need to ensure that their merchandise is not damaged en route, while timely delivery and product tracking provide clients with peace of mind and boost loyalty.

Business 2 Community states that companies may improve any aspect of their organizations by examining customer experience. By listening to customer service agents, firms can not only spot trends, but also create customer-centered cultures. The business intelligence tools needed to analyze customer satisfaction can also be focused on internal functions to generate more cooperative cultures that lift productivity. This creates seamless environments designed to deliver results for clients and drive retention rates. More customer loyalty means greater revenue and the potential for growth.

CEM strategies can directly improve companies’ bottom lines by increasing customer acquisition, retention, growth and win-back. Customer experience management companies, such as Omega Management Group Corp., provide the insight and experience needed to generate results.