How to Craft a Customer Survey to Build More Loyal Clients

A survey is the best resource to utilize for improving customer experience

There is no better resource to utilize for improving customer experience than with a survey. Surveys impart the ability to translate specific data needed for analysis.  Simply ask customers for their feedback and assess results to identify customer satisfaction, gauge the introduction of a new product or service, or conduct research for new thought leadership data.

Crafting an effective customer experience survey is more complicated than understanding what information you desire.  An effective survey design is an art and a science of forming the right questions.  Creating the “right questions” is more challenging than one may think.   Omega Management Group helps design and implement both customer and employee surveys, but they also have some best practices to help formulate surveys for other purposes.

The structure of your questions depends on the end product.  Do you want to use a customer survey to gather data to support a webinar, annual report or other client communication?  Consider formatting, consistency, and respondents’ demographics.


Create a format that fulfills the criteria for your goals whether it be a webinar, a chart, an infographic or a report.  For example, if you want to create a chart, formulate questions that generate numerical values. On the other hand, if you want to include customer testimonials in a webinar, ask open-ended questions.


 If you are producing an annual report, make sure the questions are kept consistent to previous years as to not render different interpretations.  Consumers like to see directional and comparative data and visualize changes over time. If the questions change, even slightly, data is skewed significantly.


 To compare trends between demographics in your report, add a category to identify what country or region patrons reside.  Data gathered is then compared and contrasted to differentiate between markets and demographics for accurate graphs and charts.

Involve all Departments

 Surveys are an integral part of internal change initiatives.  The outcomes measure customer opinions about service and products or price changes.  Keep company departments in the know and involve them in the process.  Hence, employees aren’t blindsided with changes should they occur.   Be sure to get employee feedback and approval of the final draft to avoid a fallacy later.

 Test and Edit

 Lastly, ensure that your survey doesn’t take longer than 10 minutes to complete.  A good rule of thumb to follow is to create a survey with no more than 40 questions.  Questions should be simple and straight-forward, and produce the intended criteria for the end product.

As part of Omega’s customer experience consulting services, we offer customer and employee surveys. We have done all the hard work for you.  These surveys form the basic building blocks of your customer experience strategy. Gathering responses, analyzing the information and reporting on the results are all part of Omega’s vast expertise.

Omega offers three types of customer surveys: Transaction surveys, Relationship surveys and Key Account interviews. For employees, Omega’s Employee Satisfaction and Retention (ESR) surveys provide a comprehensive view of employee satisfaction within your organization, including specific aspects of employee performance, attitude, job satisfaction and loyalty. Any of the surveys can be conducted via the Internet, telephone, email, surface mail and face-to-face, or any combination of these tools. Omega can help you select the right survey type and data collection tool to meet your needs, as well as to assess the best customer experience strategy for your organization.  To learn more about our services, contact us today at 1-800-711-5196.