Transform Your Contact Center Operations Through a Mature Enablement Model for Social Media

Achieve a mature enablement model for social media within the contact centerA mature enablement model for social media within the contact center is a goal that relatively few organizations today have reached.  But adopting a mature enablement model that allows you to better service your customers will help you stand out from the competition and grow your business.

Although what constitutes a mature enablement model continues to evolve rapidly, the following characteristics have become the new foundational pillars of a customer-centric organization.

People and Culture

Organizational culture is held together by its employees.

  • The customer experience is an executive imperative designed to create competitive advantage and business value.
  • Recognized as a strategic element, the contact center delivers customer experience excellence.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) transition toward customer experience metrics, including social media–specific KPIs.
  • Employees feel empowered with a transparent organizational culture.
  • Social media is an organization-wide imperative.
  • The contact center proactively engages in the monitoring and management of social media interactions.


Business processes encompass:

  • Social media that is fully operational within existing organization-wide customer management processes.
  • Social media that is viewed and managed as an engagement channel, not unlike other traditional channels.


Company technology offers:

  • A unified customer experience solution that seamlessly manages customer interactions across all channels, including social channels.
  • Technology that intelligently routes relevant social interactions, according to intent and sentiment, to the appropriate resource in the organization.

Bottom Line

In a mature enablement model, leveraging social media in the contact center as an engagement channel is a core player for maintaining brand value and rewarding company-wide customer experience goals. Businesses benefit from tangible, measurable results and ROI by engaging operations in the full process and scaling of social media into existing customer experience management processes.


As customers increasingly rely on social media channels to send and receive information, opinions, and advice, organizations must engage with those channels to deliver appropriate customer care and ensure positive experiences. As the epicenter of multichannel customer engagement, the contact center is a key strategic focal point for customer engagement via social channels. Enablement of the social contact center requires the organization to be able to:

  1. Listen and act in response
  2. Meet your customers where they are
  3. Assemble and leverage an active community

Early days in social engagement provided valuable insight that taught engaged employees to ignite passion in customers.  It cannot be a supplementary add-on client process.  Reap the full benefits of social commitment and set the stage for a mature engagement model. This sophisticated model characterizes a unified customer engagement platform that infuses and effortlessly manages customer interface across all controls, including social media channels. Also characterized by a corporate culture of transparency in which social media is an organization-wide imperative, employees become empowered from the bottom to the top.

The resultant profits comprise of:

  1. Superior cost savings
  2. Improved customer satisfaction
  3. Better operational efficiencies
  4. Enhanced retention rates
  5. Increased revenue
  6. More sales opportunities vertically and horizontally

One of the most dynamic customer contact areas is the call center, where critical customer service and support activities take place that play a major role in generating incremental revenue as well as retaining existing customer relationships that could otherwise be lost. Omega Management Group’s Customer Advocacy and REtention (CARE) Reward Program is designed to motivate and reward employees to perform at the highest level by linking a portion of their compensation to measurable increases in customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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