Emotionally Connecting with Customers in Today’s Mobile World

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Learn how to penetrate the heart of the mobile customer.

We all know that mobile communications has radically changed the landscape of our culture and commerce. But less understood is that the heavy use of smart phones and tablets for conducting business also introduces a new dynamic to managing the customer experience.

This webcast is intended to help customer care professionals understand the powerful people behind the multi-channel mobile revolution. Webcast attendees will learn how to capture and maintain brand loyalty among mobile device users by:

  • Building a new mindset: using technology to penetrate the heart of the customer.
  • Surrounding them with proactive messaging via text or chat.
  • Reinforcing the brand personality, pointing the way to additional products/services that enhance quality of life.
  • Serving and keeping customers beyond transactions, pushing companies toward brand-based relationship building.

This month’s webcast is co-sponsored by EPIC Connections who provide a no-cost service assisting clients with their customer contact initiatives by applying a consultative approach to outsourcing.

Featured Speakers:

  • Lynn Hinderaker, Director of Marketing, EPIC Connections
  • Ray Levitzki, SVP, Global Operations, Etech Global Services
  • Dr. Roger Selbert, Editor & Publisher, Growth Strategies Group