Managing the Customer Experience by Measuring the Impact Payoff

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There is overwhelming evidence that providing a consistently superior customer experience results in greater customer satisfaction and loyalty. But as with automobile mileage, “your results may vary.” So how can an organization truly measure the ROI – or impact payoff – resulting from its commitment to customer experience management (CEM)?

Getting a firm grip on this question can justify budget requirements for CRM investments and staff resources necessary to develop, maintain or even expand a customer-centric philosophy. But the impact payoff also can demonstrate the value of a CEM culture to those who may not already be convinced of the wisdom and logic of a corporate commitment to customer and employee engagement excellence.

Companies strive for five-star rating results on customer satisfaction and loyalty, and then leverage this insight for bottom line improvements and competitive advantage. Companies are analyzing each and every customer experience, but practices in how to gain competitive advantage through CEM strategy and customer intelligence are constantly evolving.

Our panel of experts will discuss the methods, benchmarks and tools they use to drive revenue and profits to establish a competitive edge while strengthening customer relationships. This session will discuss how companies are managing the end-to-end customer experience across multiple touch points to produce verifiable, objective results that underscore the ROI/impact payoff of their CEM strategy.

Key takeaways will include:

  • Defining specific, measurable outcomes that justify CEM strategy investments
  • Re-designing a customer experience strategy in a lower-cost environment
  • Establishing and retaining a customer-centric culture in a commodity marketplace
  • Designing and implementing a consistent customer experience strategy across multiple touch points.