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Why Omega

We Help You Build Customers For Life

Most businesses don't understand that customers—not products or services—are the source of all revenue and profit. Viewed this way, organizations realize that failing to optimize the customer experience is actually a going-out-of-business strategy. Omega helps organizations achieve their business goals by building, strengthening and maintaining passionately loyal customers for life. Loyal customers are your company's best customers. When there's loyalty, customers:

  • Purchase your products and services again and again over time

  • Increase the volume of their purchases

  • Buy beyond traditional purchases, across product lines

  • Refer your company's products and services to others

  • Become immune to the pull of the competition

  • Allow for flexibility should something go wrong

We help organizations lock in profitable, long-term customer loyalty by developing a customized Customer Experience Management (CEM) strategy that drives customer centricity into their business practices and processes. This approach delivers a powerful competitive differentiator and produces measurable customer benefits. When implemented properly, a CEM strategy uniquely defines your brand and, in the process, becomes part of your organization's DNA.

Customers today demand ever-increasing levels of service. Since customer loyalty is the ultimate competitive differentiator, you must have solid metrics and processes in place that measure customer perceptions of product and service quality in all areas of customer contact. Organizations have many customer "touch points"-sales & marketing; professional services; training; and technical telephone support to name a few. Customer perceptions are based on experiences at every touch point-not just one area. So it's vital that your company takes a wide-angle view and considers the quality of service and support devoted to every touch point.

Omega sends out "Action Alerts" when we encounter a customer whose experience is so strongly positive-or negative-that we feel you need to be made aware of the situation immediately. That way, you can take appropriate steps to either capitalize on the good news or initiate damage control. Either way, customers appreciate your responsiveness and attention to their needs.

View all of the possible touch points through which companies can connect to their customers.

Learn more about the importance of a CEM strategy.

We Help Train and Reward Employees

Motivated, loyal and high-performing employees are your best employees because they help create and keep loyal customers. Did you know that an increase of 5% in employee retention can yield profit increases of 25% or more?

To put this in context, consider a company of 1,000 employees with $200 million in annual revenue that experiences an attrition rate of 20% year. The cost of attrition will be roughly $4 million per year and the potential negative gross margin impact will be $30 million. Yet 91% of companies never measure the cost of employee turnover! So we link customer satisfaction with employee compensation. Since each is equally important to your business success, they should be mutually rewarding.

Omega's employee-focused services include customer/employee surveys, 360° analysis, online reporting, employee rewards program and employee/customer relationship training programs

We Partner with Clients

To serve our clients' needs on every level-from consulting to account management-Omega has created the Center for Loyalty Research (CLR), which assembles the best and most relevant skill sets of our internal resources to work together in concert with our clients. The CLR advises clients on creating lasting, profitable relationships with their customers and employees through the transformation of their strategies and execution to revolve around the customer experience. Customer Experience Management (CEM) strategies enable companies to create

true competitive advantage by moving the strategic focus from product to customer.

The CLR focuses on collaboration with clients on every facet of their customer satisfaction and retention program. Each client is assigned an Omega senior account manager who serves as our client's "customer advocate." The account manager becomes thoroughly knowledgeable about client objectives, organization, products and services as well as their competition. The account manager is also responsible for assembling the appropriate resources within Omega to gather the necessary information needed to solve client customer loyalty and retention issues.

As accomplished CEM professionals, Omega account managers integrate proven organizational and management skills with in-depth service industry experience. With our clients, they identify root causes and the underlying influences affecting the organization, and together with clients they develop recommendations and implement effective solutions.

Learn more about the Center for Loyalty Research.

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